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Are you ready to create an online course based side-gig all on the side of your career to boost your income and lifestyle?

Enter Engineer to Entrepreneur

Sick of Meager 2% Raises at Work or Never Receiving a Full Bonus?

It sucks!  I get it, and I can fix it.

Hi, I'm Isaac!

I worked in the civil engineering industry for the last 15 years and have only received a full 3 percent raise ONE time!  

Maybe you've had the same?

In that same time period I only received a full bonus payout ONE time as well!  I was sick of never receiving a full raise and receiving bonuses that were knocked down despite companies having record breaking years in revenue. 

What about you?

I quickly realized that having a engineering career was a very stable and steady job but it wasn't going to change my life or my lifestyle and I just felt I needed more to keep up with our four kids, programs, home repairs, and more.

Have you felt the same?

One day I decided to try my hand at teaching people how to pass their professional civil engineering exams which lead me to creating an online course about it.  My goal was to take raises and bonuses into my own hands and try to create a side hustle that really worked, all while providing lasting transformations for my students.

And guess what?  It has!  Since I started creating online courses I've realized the power that they have not only providing lasting transformation in students lives but they help to provide a better income for me and my family.

And ever since I've seen success I've wanted to teach other working professionals how to do the same.

Since the end of 2014 I've created three very successful online courses (with a few more in the works).

My courses have generated seven figures since I created them - all on the side of my career (and I'm still working full time to this day).

And you know what?

You can do the same.

My goal is to help you learn to generate a generous income all on the side of your career (it might even replace it!).  

I've loved this journey I've been on and I can't wait to share all the details with you on creating a thriving online course based business!

Engineer To Entrepreneur

or E2E and I like to call it :)

I introduce to you Engineer to Entrepreneur (or E2E as I like to call it).  E2E takes you by the hand to teach you how to create, promote, and profit from creating an online course-based business - all on the side of your full time job.  E2E , will take you all the way from idea creation to automation (meaning making money while you sleep).  This online course is my complete step-by-step system (with support) to lead you in every step of creating your own side hustle.  You'll never care about a meager 2 percent raise and a unrealized bonus ever again!  Ready to get started?

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As you as you sign up to E2E you'll get immediate access to all we have, and you'll have it for LIFE.

11 Complete Step By Step Modules

As part of the E2E system you'll receive immediate access to 11 course modules that detail everything you need to create a thriving online course based business.  You'll get downloads of the slides and all material to use as you wish.

Amazing Private Support

Upon joining up you'll receive immediate access to our private Facebook community where you can get support at every stage of your course creating.  I'll be there personally to help guide you through the process.

course guides

As part of the course we'll give you our bonus guides to help you know what I personally recommend for technology to use as well as a blueprint for the entire course creation process.  We won't leave you hanging!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You'll have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee as well so it's really on us to help you learn all you need to do this.  If you aren't happy just email us and we'll get your money back!

About Me

As a working civil engineering Isaac Oakeson started creating a side hustle helping other civil engineers pass their exams.  He created exams and courses to help them on their journey and now he's ready to teach others why creating a side-hustle of their own is the best way to create side income.  If he's not here he's running his other gig over at Civil Engineering Academy.

Course Modules

Here's what's coming to you!


Module 1: Introduction

In our introduction I'll personally welcome you to the course, go over expectations, help you discover your WHY as well as detail the E2E philosophy and system.  This module will set you up with success as you learn the system needed to create a thriving online business.


Module 2: Master Your Mindset

In this module we'll cover what holds you back from actually creating a course, why you need to assume the identity, how confidence is earned, the law of duality and learning to just be yourself as you start the journey of a course-based business.  This is foundational material that will set you up for success and get you in the right mindset.


Module 3: Building A Solid Foundation

Building a solid foundation is key.  We'll cover the steps you need to cover to deliver a course that sales, I'll crush your fear of failure, and we'll determine right off the bat if your course has a market so you aren't left wondering if what you have in mind will actually sell.


Module 4: The Perfect Course Outline

This module will start detailing your own expertise, how to layout your course, and develop your full course outline including knowing your own customer's journey.


Module 5: The Perfect Price, Name, and Position

Don't get stuck on your course name!  This module goes over five proven formulas to help you come up with  your course name, we also learn how to develop an amazing tag line, and how to set your price so you aren't left doubting what you've got.  Also, we'll detail what all should be in your course, what bonus material you should make, how long to give access, and more.


Module 6: Creating a Irresistible Lead Magnet and Landing Page

You need a lead magnet (or free opt-in) and we'll detail what you should make including creating a awesome landing page for your lead magnet and sales page!  Creating these will help you grow an audience and sell your course!


Module 7: Tech for Success Now and in the Future

You don't need to be scared about the tech, we'll get that covered for you and make it easy.  We'll teach you want you need now and what you could use in the future as things grow!


Module 8: How to Get Traffic and Leads to Boost Sales

I'll teach exactly what to send out when someone joins your email list, how to gain traffic with the most popular traffic strategies so you can get leads and boost sales!


Module 9: Launch Party Success

This module will take you step-by-step through the launch process including three strategies that work for what you want to do.  We'll teach you the timeline of our launch include the exact emails to send and when - all to help you need to have a successful launch.  


Module 10: Turning it on Automatic to Make Money While You Sleep

After you launch we'll teach you how to set your course up to make sales automatically while you sleep or go on vacation.  It's a key component to your business and we'll teach you how to do it. 


Module 11: Post Launch Success and Checklist

In our last module we'll talk about how often you should be updated your course, what you can do to find other opportunities for selling, and filling in any missing content. 


Who loves kick-butt bonuses?  I do!

As part of the course I'm including some kick-butt bonuses - things I wish I had when I was first creating a side-gig that worked.  These bonuses will save you hours of time searching for technology you need as well as a blueprint to the entire course I teach.  I also have a killer bonus that will keep you coming back for more but you'll have to read on to learn about it!

Course Bonuses

As a member of the course you get these sweet bonuses to help you!

Bonus 01 - The E2E Course Blueprint

We won't leave you hanging on just winging your course creation.  Download your bonus blueprint and we'll walk you through ever step of the way.   Consider this the cliff notes of the course!

Bonus 02 - The E2E Technology Guide

As a bonus of the course I'll give you our E2E Tech Guide to help you know what I personally recommend for technology to use saving you hours of time hunting for things you don't need.

Bonus 03 - LIFETIME Access

I've saved the BEST for last.  As a member of our E2E course you'll receive LIFETIME access.  Yep!  Any updates I make to modules, future guides, or bonus material is yours because you're in for LIFE.  Come back over and over until you implement all you need to crush your goals.

What makes us different?

I personally want you to succeed and will take the time to be there with you.  You won't be speaking to another person or assistant.  You'll be working with me on this adventure and I want to hold your hand, step by step, through the process so you can find success with online courses and create a side hustle you love.

Who this course is for:

1. This course was built for busy professionals and engineers (like me!) to help them succeed at life by creating a successful online course-based business.  If this does not sound like you then that's cool just move onto the next site.

2. If you've ever wanted to make money online but you weren't sure how to do it then this is for you.

3.  If you've wanted to earn more income on the side of your career but didn't know how (besides driving Uber) then this is for you.

Who this course is NOT for:

1. If you aren't willing to put some work into a side gig that your excited about then this isn't for you.  You'll be taking things a step and a time but you need to actually put pen to paper and do some stuff.

2. If you think this is a get rich quick program then you can just move right along.  Building a business takes a little time.  Some will take off and some will glide but both methods will take you up in the air and feeling the freedom it can provide.

Ready to Create an Amazing Side Gig?

Join today and get access to everything immediately!  It's a no brainer.

Engineer to Entrepreneur


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  • VIP Bonus #2 Page Review
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like Engineer to Entrepreneur, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me or our support team and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

What Others Are Saying

I've started this with the people around me.  It will grow to those around the world.

Mark Oakeson

Civil Engineer

Amazing Knowledge and Personalization

Isaac has taken the time to teach me about making money with online courses and I'm blown away at what the possibilities are.  I've helped to create one now and it's afforded things on the side of my career that I never though possible including paying for kids tuition!


What is included in the course and do you get it immediately?

Yes!  You get everything we described above immediately and you get it FOR LIFE.  Boom!

Can I get a refund?

Yes!  We have a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you aren't happy with the course simply email us at isaac@latenightentrepreneur.com and we'll get your money back.  No questions asked.  We might fall off our chair because we think the course is so awesome but we'll get it done!

Will I see immediate results?

Results will obviously vary.  Results are not typically immediate because you actually have to put pen to paper - meaning you have to do some work to get things going and create a course you love sharing with the world!  We'll help you get there but at the end of the day you have to put in the work.

What's your favorite cookie?

I'm glad you asked!  I love me some chocolate chip cookies from Crumble.  Send them my way if you'd like :)

One Last Note!

Thanks for finding me here. This course is something that I've always wanted to create to help engineers and working professionals create something they love doing on the side of their career.  I'm proud of what I have here and know if you follow the steps I provide that you too can create a side hustle that works.  I can't wait to help you!  

See you inside!